Six Flags & Highway 1

Yesterday we went to Six Flags Magic Mountain which was loads of fun :o) We were there for over 8 hours and still didn’t have time to try all the rides! X2 was our favourite ride (we rate 9 out of 10 – it was over too quickly!) and worth the almost 2 hour queue! Here’s a virtual ride on X2 to give you some idea of what it’s like. What you can’t tell from this video is that they played Metallica right into your ears through speakers in the head rest and there were huge jets of fire on both sides halfway round! I liked it best because it didn’t shake me around like the other coasters did – I could just enjoy the ride…

Today we drove up Highway 1 from Avila beach (good recommendation, thanks Luke & Sasha!) and stopped to take in the pretty views along the way. We’ve just checked into the Travelodge in Monterey (free wi-fi) and are about to go and find something to eat and play some mini-golf.

Back soon, love Gude x

P.S. The Ferries are the featured artist on Future Radio at the moment.

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4 Comments so far

  1. mum on June 19th, 2009

    Okay. i feel queasy after the virtual ride but I’m sure Kit loved it. xxxxx

  2. Gemma on June 19th, 2009

    Blimey I nearly threw up my dinner watching that vid!
    Looks like you guys are already having an awesome time!
    We miss you Gude!
    Love Gemma xxx

  3. Karen and Jessica on June 23rd, 2009

    Wow, we did the virtual ride tonight. Jess really wants a go now. Looks like you are having a really great time. We are envious. xxx

  4. Gude on June 24th, 2009

    I think Jess is probably almost tall enough for X2 now – are you brave enough to go on the coasters with her?! ;o)