About Us

teamGool are a London couple who got married in May 2009 and became Mr and Mrs Hudson-Gool – hence the blog name. The pair then ditched their jobs and went on an 8 month round the world honeymoon adventure and created this site to record their travels.

Individually, they are:

“The Gool” (AKA Isaac) as described by Gude:

A slightly scruffy (yet gorgeous) geek with a heart of gold. The Gool is a little like a gremlin in that he needs to be fed large amounts of meat at regular intervals, otherwise he starts to get grumpy. His forehead is as expressive as Gromit‘s and he can’t fake a smile. Dogs have a strange affinity with him (perhaps it’s the similar diet?)… He loves: cold beer, new experiences, bubble baths and having his back skritched. He is the brains behind the blog.

Gude (pronounced Jude) as described by The Gool:

A beach dweller by nature but can sometimes be found beside a pool, particularly if a gin & tonic is close by. Feeds mostly on pasta due to her Italian origins but it’s never as good as the stuff she cooks herself. She’ll try anything once as long as it doesn’t involve hiking, effort in general, the cold or a risk of death. Months have passed with us living in each-other’s pockets and she’s still as much fun and as lovely as the day we left. A better travelling companion I couldn’t hope for – except perhaps someone with lots of money. Email me if you’re interested…

The Blog

This blog is written using the WordPress publishing platform and is hosted by 5quidhost, who can’t be recommend highly enough. They’re cheap, reliable and the speed of their support is incredible. Photos are hosted on Flickr and videos on YouTube to minimize bandwidth usage.

The WordPress theme is original and has been created specifically for this site but credit must be given to wpzone.net for their Bluemoon theme, which provided ideas for the layout and helped with learning CSS.

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