Mexico Part Quatro

We got to Merida in the early hours of Saturday morning, shattered and decided to nap on a couple of benches in a pretty square near this old church.

Unfortunately there were some particularly vicious mosquitos there and we both got bitten all over. My fingers swelled up so much that I had to wear my wedding ring on the wrong hand for the next few days. We got another bus to Chichen Itza as soon as we could and got there in time for the sound and light show that evening, which was very pretty. The next day I was a bit fed up because of my bites and I was missing home and Cristina especially, but then I opened my water bottle (bought at the little counter at the entrance to the site of Chichen Itza) and look what was in the lid of it!

I have no explanation as to why it had her name written there (with the right spelling too), but it cheered me up alot. We looked around the ruins, without a guide this time and we saw the huge pyramid (which, like Palenque, has a special effect at summer solstice – the sunshine appears to creep down and then up the steps on the left hand side, ending at the huge snake’s head at the bottom, seeming to the ancient Mayans (or at least to the masses), that the snake-god had come down and was with them on that special day.

We also saw the cenote (a huge water hole, pronounced senotay) where apparently human sacrifices were made to the gods (i.e. they threw people into it as offerings in exchange for a good corn crop) and the ball court, which is the largest in all of the known Mayan ruins – kind of like the Wembley of the Yucatan! You remember I told you that the holes that the balls had to go through were relatively small? Well the ones at Chichen Itza are still intact, so I got a picture. You can see two inter-twining snakes decorating it.

After Chichen Itza we got on (yet another) bus, but this time to the beach at Tulum – it’s where the Pink Panther comes from (Tulum, Tulum – think about it…) ;o) Anyway, we’d both been looking forward to the beach very much and you can imagine how excited we were when we saw this:

It really is like the kind of beach a child would draw – all perfect palm trees, bright blue sky with no clouds, turquoise warm sea (really Dad, it’s like a bath, it is that warm – you would love it), white powdery sand and there are even roped off bits where the turtles have laid their eggs, so you don’t step on them by accident! There are bright yellow butterflies flapping about, the most enormous lizards, like baby dinosaurs (Ise has pics on his camera, but hasn’t uploaded them yet) and this evening our waiter brought us a little crab (see pics here). The bar has swings instead of bar stools and there are big double beds suspended from a platform on ropes, so you can swing underneath in the shade together until the heat of the midday is over. There are mosquitos here too, but we’re coping, as everything else is so fantastic. We’re going to stay here for the rest of the week!

Love Gude x

P.S. I found another LOLCAT here

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8 Comments so far

  1. mum on July 23rd, 2009

    The beach sounds wonderful. Sorry about the mossies. Wehave been bitten too, especially Rhian. They got her on the eye and it swelled up hugely. Enjoy the beach. lots of love, mum xxx

    Sorry to hear about the bites. The insect life is particularly vicious in Italy too this year. Have a good time. Love D XX

  2. Guest on July 23rd, 2009

    How totally RANDOM that Cris’ name should appear in the lid of your bottle. It’s like something from the Derren Brown show I saw last week. Glad it lifted your spirits after all of those pesky mosquito bites. And now the beach… I know how much my girl likes a beach. Boy is that a beach… Stunning! Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy. xxx

  3. MUM on July 25th, 2009

    Saw your photos today. Well done Isaac for taking some gorgeous shots of Gude. Went to Trieste today. Walked miles and went on a great old tram up to the Slovenian  border. Worn out now.
    Love to you both. Mum and Dad xxxxxx

  4. Gude on July 26th, 2009

    Oh no, poor Rhian!  Hope she has plenty of piriton?!  Have decided I need to get a couple of pet bats and train them to sit on my shoulders/hover round my ankles in the evenings to eat the mozzies…  ;o)

  5. Gude on July 26th, 2009

    That sounds like David – am I right? x

  6. Stine on July 26th, 2009

    Aw sweetie, I’m missing you lots too. Happy to see I was with you in spirit (rather than ‘spirits’ for a change!). So good to speak to you just now and catch up on all your news. Enjoy your wedding prezzie and speak again soon I hope. Love you lots xxx

  7. David on July 27th, 2009

    Ooops… Silly Billy David forgot to put his name on the message t’other day! You knew it was me…. Awwwww 😉 xxx

  8. Anna (little sister of Nick and Cris) on July 29th, 2009

    BAD mozzies!!!

    I’m well jealous of that beach…! Wow!! xx